Medical Malpractice in Texas

America’s doctors, nurses, and medical professionals work hard to keep us healthy. There’s no doubt, when someone in my family is sick, we want the best care available for them. But no medical provider is perfect, and medical mistakes happen to good people all day, every day. 

Some of these errors are judgment calls or clinical difficulties that are not malpractice, but are the tough realities of medicine. But other mistakes are clearly avoidable and happen only because the medical providers involved were inexcusably careless, or negligent. When a doctor or nurse messes up, the stakes are incredibly high. People can get hurt. People can die. In fact, a recent study found that medical errors are the third leading cause of death nationwide!

These mistakes should not happen, and when they do, something should be done to fix the situation and help the patient. We can’t go back in time and avoid the injury altogether; we’re left to pick up the pieces after the fact. So what can be done to hold the negligent doctor or nurse responsible?

Really, just two things: a medical malpractice case and a complaint to the medical board. I can help with the first one—bringing a claim for medical negligence, and if necessary, filing a medical malpractice lawsuit and pursuing the case to a reasonable settlement or a jury trial.

These cases are not about punishing doctors, but trying to make whole the injured patients. When someone is injured and can’t work to support their family, with expensive medical bills they can’t pay, and new pain and limitations to deal with—something should be done.

I’ve been working on medical malpractice cases since 2014, both in Texas and nationwide against VA hospitals. I know how to read a chart and review patient medical records. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no doctor, so when the medical issues are over my head, I know when and whom to contact for expert help with medical questions. 

If you or someone you know was injured by medical malpractice, contact me. I can help.